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Poly-v belt inquiry

Poly v-belts are flat belts with a ribbed bottomside. Main advantage is low noise operation at high speeds. Poly v-belts also allow small pulley diameters and large transmission ratios and can be used for serpentine applications. The belts are used on a large variety of industrial and household machines such as agricultural applications. Range of poly-v belts meets all relevant international standards: ISO 9982, ASAS S 211.5 and DIN7867. StarkLine® poly-v belts are made from TPR.

Technical description:

section section height pitch length range MDP** ribs***
PJ 4 mm 2,34 mm 750-40000 mm 20 mm 64
PL 8 mm 4,7 mm 800-40000 mm 80 mm 30
PM 15 mm 9,4 mm 1200-40000 mm 160 mm 19

**MPD = Minimum Pulley Diameter

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