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plastic conveyor belt joining methods

Conveyor belts are joined endlessly in two basic ways. Either hot welding, also known as baking, or by mechanical fastening, also known as lacing.

  1. The   most common type of fastening is hot welding. The conveyor belts are cut to size into 
    and then finally welded together at the appropriate width (ranging from 600mm to 2800 mm) through hot presses. ​Hot welding fastening is often done by mobile hot presses on the production site, because in many cases it is not possible to mount an endless prepared belt on the conveyor frame and mechanical fastening is not acceptable.

  2. Mechanical fastening is required in cases where a hot welded joining cannot be used. Depending on the application, galvanised or stainless steel hinges or clips are used. In our workshop, we use the american Flexco technology. The more common name is the “Alligator clip”.