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combine header conveyor belts





Combine harvester manufacturers today equip their machines with very efficient conveying and cutting solutions. The agricultural industry prefers solutions that make the auger spread evenly on the cutting table: delivering more harvest, and less waste — therefore better overall machine performance. Long ago Massey Ferguson built a harvester machine with conveyor belt supported feeding. The later AGCO group named their PowerFlow® system for all cutting tables equipped with combine header conveyor belts. When Agco Group acquired more combine/harvester manufacturers, such as Challenger and Fendt, the PowerFlow header cutting system appeared over the full AGCO harvester range. To have a similar system in its product range, John Deere decided to cooperate with a German-based Zürn Harvesting. Zürn and John Deere named their conveyor belt header system PremiumFlow®.

Moltech has the technology and experience to produce top quality combine header conveyor belts for both of these cutting systems. We distribute these “harvester belts” in the European agricultural spare-part market. Dutch and Italian companies supply us with first-class raw materials. We have built specialized machines and tools to ensure the highest quality in the manufacturing process. We are using both hot-air welders and high-frequency welders to connect all necessary transversal profiles and longitudinal strips on the base conveyor belt. Our customers are fully satisfied with our product quality. Our customer service helps to solve most of the related problems. Pricing and related discounts depend on the quantity of the individual order and the history of the customer. We make price-offers during the low season as well.

During wintertime, we build our “harvester belt” stock to allow fast supply to expected demand from returning and new customers. During the low season, we welcome any pre-orders. Looking forward to having you join our satisfied customers.