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design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of powered and freewheeling roller tracks

Our roller tracks are suitable for transporting boxed bulk products, liquids stored in containers, pallets and workpieces with flat surfaces. Our product range includes gravity roller tracks, roller bars, roller conveyors suitable for horizontal manual movement, as well as motorized, chain, flat belt and circular belt driven roller tracks. Our FIFO warehouses and our heavy-duty roller bars are very popular on the market. We also design and manufacture the rollers used, so we can choose the solution that best suits the conveying task. We design and manufacture straight and curved roller tracks and roller turning units. Our roller tracks can fit into our customers' automated production lines and warehouse systems, and we also design, manufacture and maintain fully autonomous, independently automated track systems during operation. We place great emphasis on archiving the technical documentation of our manufactured conveyors, so we can remanufacture the components of a conveying system manufactured from 10 years ago if necessary.
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