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VDG drummotors information


In addition to the excellent quality and easy repairability of our drum motors, our fast service background ensures your operational safety and the continuity of production.


One of the most reliable manufacturers in the world is the Dutch Van Der Graaf. We voted for Van Der Graaf drum motors due to their reliability, simple structure, robustness, and easy serviceability. In addition to full instructions for use in Hungarian, we also provide telephone advice for the correct connection and connection to the frequency converter. For a separate fee, we also undertake installation and commissioning at your premises.

If you know what kind of drum motor you would like to order from us, select the request for offer button below. In other cases, we will help you, view the content of the page and fill out our detailed Drum Motor request form in the lower half of the page.

We'll help you decide!

Belt drive with drum motor Traditional belt drive
  • Small space requirement compared to the traditional one
  • It is not necessary to install separate drive elements.
  • It is safe, users of the equipment cannot come into contact with the drive element.
  • Due to its design, it can operate with an efficiency of up to 96% if operated correctly.
  • Requires relatively large space compared to the drum motor.
  • Needs installation of separate drive elements next to the drive moto.
  • Provides higher risk of user accidents caused by drive components.
  • The efficiency of the system is mainly determined by the assembly quality and maintenance of the separately installed drive elements.

Van der Graaf Drum Motor Standard product selection and basic data

Type designation Nominal Tube Diameter (D) Tube length range
Power range
Belt speed range
TM100B25 100 mm 260-860 mm 0,05-0,37 kW 0,007-3,6 m/s
TM113B25 113 mm 260-860 mm 0,04-0,55 kW 0,008-4,4 m/s
TM127.25 127 mm 250-1000 mm 0,1-1,1 kW 0,008-2,6 m/s
TM138.25 138 mm 250-1000 mm 0,1-1,1 kW 0,009-2,8 m/s
TM160.25-30 160 mm 300-1000 mm 0,1-2,2 kW 0,13-4,0 m/s
TM215.30-40.B50 215 mm 350-1000 mm 0,1-5,5 kW 0,08-4,7 m/s
TM273.40 273 mm 500-1150 mm 0,37-5,5 kW 0,16-5,0 m/s
TM315.40-50 315 mm 500-1150 mm 0,37-11 kW 0,16-5,2 m/s
TM400.50-60 400 mm 600-1150 mm 1,1-22 kW 0,2-4,8 m/s
TM500.60.A75 500 mm 600-1600 mm 1,5-30 kW 0,25-4,4 m/s
TM620A75 620 mm 950-1600 mm 11-30 kW 1-3,9 m/s


The tube length can be selected in steps of 25-50-100 mm depending on the engine type. For a precise description, please send your request for an offer. You can find descriptions of various Van Der Graaf drummotors here.

You can read in detail about the features and accessories available for drummotors here. For the chosen drummotor, we can also provide a return drum with the same design. Drummotor request. We will help you choose, fill out our form!