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top pressure belts



StarkLine® Top pressure belts are designed for machines that are working in furniture (wood-processing) industry. Our belts run on all original machinery for example Homag, IMA, Stefani, Turanlar. StarkLine® wood-processing belts are made from Thermo Plastic Rubber which material is able to provide a gentle and non marking touch on the conveyed product. Depending on the specific application we can mill grooves on the belt to achieve better grip and guiding of the product.

Wood-processing machine belts can be tailored to customer needs. In any LENGTH: from 1500 mm to over 40,000 mm! With different COATINGS: the top coatings are welded (not glued) to establish a strong connection between the base belt and the top-cover. We can groove different grooves (V, U shapes) on the belt.


Types of top pressure belts:

V-shape woodbelt

T-shape woodbelt

Woodbelt with a double guide


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