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Conveyors for meat processing

Model: conveyors_for_meat_processing
Availability: Pre-order
Manufacturer: Moltech

The enjoyment and durability of meat is related to the general hygienic conditions in the meat processing plant. The safety of the final product depends on biological and other contaminants adhering to the surface of the meat during processing. This can only be achieved by ensuring properly cleaned surfaces. If a conveyor is carefully designed and constructed, the risk of cross-contamination of food in direct contact with it on the conveyor is low. In addition to reducing food safety risks on conveyors, a well-designed conveyor requires less fresh water and chemicals to achieve the desired hygiene, while generating less wastewater and saving human resources. During design and production, we not only strive for compliance with the given criteria, but also apply solutions that ensure a long-term efficient operation. During the design, construction, production and installation, we work closely with our customer to ensure that the conveyor meets the sectoral hygiene requirements of the meat processing industry and the company-specific safety requirements. Contact us, ask for advice and offers.


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